Jewellery Clinic

Bring in your antique, heirloom or loved imitation and silver jewellery for a facelift! We offer services such as upgrades and revamps to your existing jewellery and turn it into a new piece of art. Do you have something lying around that you still love but is outdated? Or do you have a stunning family heirloom that you need updated into something modern that you would actually wear? There is nothing more exciting than taking an old design and recreating it into a gorgeous new piece that you’ll never want to take off!

Bring in an old necklace that you still love but would like some updates made to it and we will suggest ideas on the changes that you could make by keeping the base design intact and we will Redesign your old jewellery into an updated and modern piece. Start by booking an appointment and from there we can begin the heirloom/jewellery redesign process.

Some jewellery redesigning.



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